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MOB TOWN  (2019)

Starring David Arquette, Jennifer Esposito &  Robert Davi. Directed by Danny Abekaser. After mafia don Vito Genovese’s failed hit on Frank Costello, followed by the famous barber chair assassination of rival Albert Anastasia, Genovese prepares to consolidate his power as ‘boss-of-bosses’ of the entire U.S. He orders over 50 mafia leaders from across the country to attend a gathering in the obscure farm town of Apalachin, NY.  It’s when state trooper and mafia buff Sgt. Ed Croswell gets suspicious that Genovese’s inevitable fall begins. But more importantly, these events bring the unwanted attention of top U.S. law enforcement agencies who must now face the existence of something they never really recognized before: organized crime. An action drama based on truly unbelievable events.


(co-written with Helen Engelhardt)

The tumultuous and moving story of one of Europe’s and Germany’s most famous artists. Her career spanned two wars and her art became the symbol of an anti-war movement that thrived long after her death in 1945. Enter the world of the birth of modern art in the early 20th century and the adventure of Kaethe’s life as an artist, wife, mother, lover and enemy of the Gestapo in WWII. Living at an intense artistic and emotional level throughout her life, she became the first great woman artist in the world, receiving accolades and popularity from every country. Her anti-war activism was spurred by the death of first her son in WWI and then her grandson in WWII. She is still revered in Germany and Europe today and her work is in museums everywhere. A story that shows us history and art through the brilliant and loving eyes of Kaethe Kolliwitz’s genius. Helen Engelhardt co-screenwriter and producer.


Based on the true story of the Canadian Bre-X gold scandal of the mid-1990s. This is the story of a young couple, Jason and Diana, whose careers on Canada’s rough and tumble minerals market are sliding–until they meet the master gold prospector Ezra Delamayse, the man who found one of the biggest gold strikes in world history. He insists the biggest motherlode is waiting for them in the jungles of Indonesia, he just needs a bright young guy to sell it. So begins one of the most intense and expensive stock swindles in history. This is a global business adventure that spins a tale of riches and ruin, a jungle guerilla insurrection, and a scandal that brought down Suharto, Indonesia’s last dictator. Co-written with Saul Rubinek, director, producer. Currently in active development with Creative Differences Productions.

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Harry is an ace HAM radio operator who lives a lonely life in a run-down Florida town. He’s a purist, who shuns modern technology and uses decades old equipment powered by glass tubes. He’s devoted to the archaic method of “moonbouncing”–actually bouncing his radio signals off the moon. One night he gets a signal that burns out his equipment and puts him in the hospital. But what was it? A short circuit or what Harry thinks–that a signal from the cosmos is desperately trying to reach him, guide him to do something? A sci-fi noir about small town people who find themselves dealing with something completely alien. In development with Fareed Al-Mashat, director, producer.


Based in on the French novel by Ivan Leveque. Set in deep space, an advanced planet senses another planet in spiritual distress. It devises a plan that includes an infiltration by their most accomplished special forces. The results require a full-scale invasion and the resources of an entire society.

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The history of American popular song from Stephen Foster to Burt Barchrach, hosted by Michael Feinstein. A PBS Pledge Week special (Time Warner Video/PBS; Andrew J. Kuehn producer)  

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How and why Italian-Americans became such an influential force in American movies. Interviews with Paul Sorvino, Marisa Tomei, Martin Scorcese, John Turturro and many more. (Produced by Pacific Street Films & Roseanne Braun).  See more on IMDb